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2-Decks Poker Sized 100% Plastic Playing Cards, Washable & Cleanable (1 Red & 1 Blue Deck)

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Package Contains: 1 x Red Deck, 1 x Blue Deck. 52 cards, plus 2 jokers.

100% Plastic Cards: Playing cards are 100% Plastic and are washable and waterproof. If you ever need to wash the cards you can use a damp cloth and just wipe the cards right off.

Take it with you: Grab your 100% Plastic Playing cards and go out without worry or damaging the cards with water. Take them to the pool to play a little Solitaire while enjoying the water. Play some War with a friend while you are enjoying the heat from the hot tub. Even take them out to the lakes to have some fun while out sun tanning on the dock or fishing in the boat, they will always be a good choice. Put both packs in your camping gear to have something to do while you are hunkered down during that rain storm. Enjoy them wherever and whenever you go out.

Give it away: This makes a great gift for anyone that loves to be around water during the summer at pools, hot tubs, lakes, rivers, or out on the beach. Grab an extra pack for your camping gear or put one in your car for that one time you would wish you had it.