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Adjustable Self-heating Magnetic Therapy Brace Waist Belt Lumbar Lower Back Support Massage Brace Black (36-42inch)

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1 use water to clap the fever therapy surface (winter can use warm water);
2 the therapy surface close to the skin fixed in the body;
3 the general population in 15-30 minutes usually can gradually feel the heat, while the hot moxibustion point to play a strong acupuncture effect, the corresponding skin acupuncture, burning, hot and so on.
4 according to your skin feel decided to wear the length of time, feeling higher heat or acupuncture more intense, you can take off the protective gear.
5 you can use no water. But some people in the use of non-wetting when the heat will be slower or less heat.

【Special Note】
1 after use, if the skin redness, itching and sustained burning and other senses, is a normal phenomenon, will gradually weaken their own disappear.
2 the use of fever function must be directly fit the skin. Water participation can enhance the thermal induction conversion strength, so use water to wet the heat level or in the skin moist state (such as after bathing or sweat on the skin surface), the general will soon heat.
3 the strength of self-heating moxibustion by the user's own physical condition and the impact of the ambient temperature, so different users will have different hot moxibustion experience.
4 if you do not want to use high heat function, just use the clothes can be.
5 fever is to promote local blood circulation, to mobilize the body's skin heat, the use of the process itself is not hot protector.

  【Washing and maintenance】
1 clean water, disable all kinds of detergents;
2 to avoid prolonged soaking, no Ironing
3 be placed in the sun drying, to absorb solar energy, to restore or strengthen its fever effect.